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Welcome to KRC website. This website which was created in the 30th KRC anniversary, has the objective to describe the technical relationship between KRC and human-habitat.
For all technical problems, it is important for an engineer to utilize effectively the information acquired by measurement or evaluation. KRC has produced numerous component technologies through 50 years experience in the field of sensory technology, data-transmission technology, data-processing technology, structural assessment technology, digital-image-simulation technology, and has enabled to combine them synthetically.
In order to solve the technical problem which you have, KRC would be able to propose an original evaluation plan with a suitable integrated system by considering the reliable and cost-reasonable hardware combination.
By doing research and development consistently to correspond the needs of the society, our technical activity network has achieved appraisal from in and outside Japan. Furthermore, we deeply wish this innovative "Rainbow-Link" would be the network of technology in which can contribute for a better human-life.
Sincerely Yours,

Keisoku Research Consultant, Co.
Hiroshi Hanakura

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