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KRC is performing research and development of newly innovative sensory technology to create a more rational and reliable SHMS (Structural Health Monitoring System)
    1. KRC is performing research and development of newly sensory technology for various engineering needs.
2. KRC is doing effort for a more reliable structural maintenance system.
  Sensor Research and Development
EM sensor (Elasto-Magnetic Sensor)
Peak sensor
Optical fiber sensor
3D Laser Scanner
Monitoring System Research and Development
Research and Proposal of Maintenance
Management System
Research and Development on Structural Rigidity Prediction and Assessment Technology
Risk management technique
Rock-Fall Occurrence Prediction Method
Research and Development on Basic Science
Concrete deterioration Monitoring
Joint research with a scientific organization
Research on Road structure preservation
Research on LCC Management
Sensor Research and Development   The situation of system research
EM sensor   Optical fiber sensor
Peak sensor 3D Laser Scanner
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