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Installation of miscellaneous measurement device
Performing the most reliable system
Real-time and full-time measurement system
Remote control monitoring system
Warning system
KRC provides an integrated consultation from analysis, prediction to technical judgment.
Construction process
Excavation and retaining wall observational method
Adjacent construction observational method
Cut slope observational method
Railroad line monitoring
Banking reclamation observational method
The observational method of shield construction
Miscellaneous deformed structure management
Miscellaneous loading test
      MBM (Monitoring Based Maintenance)
Structural Health Monitoring
Loading Sustainability Monitoring
Durability Monitoring
Structure Clinical Recording System
      Structural Performance Investigation,Quality Inspection
Durability Diagnosis
Load Sustainability Diagnosis
      Original position test and investigation
Indoor test and analysis
Reparation design
Digital photogrammetry
GIS(Geographic information system)
Landscape planning and simulation
Digital archives
Computer Graphic Design
      System solution (Development and Production of Measurement system)
Sensor solution (Development and Production of Miscellaneous sensors)
Construction of Database System
Production of auto-observational device
      Research and Development of Monitoring system
Research and Development of Miscellaneous sensor
Research and Development of Image-processing technology
Research and Development of Structural Performance Prediction and Assessment technology
Research and Development of Basic Sciences
Technology Report and Journal Publication
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