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Construction Observational Method was conducted by combining from civil engineers and informatics engineers.As a pioneer in construction observational method, taking advantage of the accumulated abundant experiences, KRC has been bridging the gap between actual value(construction field) and prediction value(on-table design), and has pursued the rationality, safety, and economical efficiency of a construction work for 30 years.From now on, KRC would like to provide more sophisticated information in which satisfies quantity, quality, and timing in completing a construction work.
    1. KRC builds optimal measurement system for each construction site, and realize full-time and real-time measurement from a remoting place.
2. KRC provides an integrated consultation from data analysis, prediction to a technical judgment.
  Measurement management in a construction site
Adjacent construction observational method
Digging and retaining wall observational method
The observational method of shield construction
Cut slope observational method
Banking reclamation observational method
Mass-Concrete Construction management
NATM observational method
Railway line monitoring
Structural Deformation Monitoring
Environmental measurement at the construction stage
Noise oscillating measurement
Water quality investigation
Analysis Assessment
Soil Mechanics Behavior Analysis
Ground water Fluid Mechanical Analysis
Big Dig Retaining Wall Analysis
Embankment Stability Analysis
Measurement management from a remoting place
by utilizing KRC SECSYNET
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