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Nowadays, maintenance and management of infrastructures, such as, road and bridge, have been a serious problem. The era has been shifted from ' Build and Scrape ' to ' Stock and Maintenance'. From such background, KRC would like to support rational and reliable information for adjusting repair design through inspection, measurement, evaluation and structural health assessment.
    1. Performing monitoring system such as building, bridge, and road.
2. Providing full-time and real-time monitoring system.
3. Performing structural health assessment based on the information from field evaluation.
Durability monitoring in structure
Neutralisation,salty damage,frost damage
Alkari Aggregate Reaction
Chemical corrossion
Structure Loading Sustainability Monitoring
Cable tension
PC tendon stress change
Deflection change
Vibration Properties Test
Landslide Disaster Monitoring
Landslide flow analysis
Slope failure
Weather observation
Surveillance of Falling Rocks
Earthquake monitoring
Foundation Earthquake Monitoring
Ground Earthquake Response Monitoring
Structure Earthquake Response Monitoring
Environmental monitoring
Atmosphere and water quality
Analysis, evaluation, and a design
Slope disaster prevention surveillance system
Structure Monitoring
Landslide Disaster Monitoring
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