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KRC provides social research integrated consultations from field survey, laboratory examination to proposal for countermeasure solution.
    1. KRC provides an integrated consultation from analysis, prediction to technical judgment.
2. KRC solves problem through field survey and miscellaneous examinations.
3. Investigation and examination results are analyzed from an engineering point of view.
  Original position test and investigation
Loading test
Geological survey,Soil exploration,Base rock survey
Physical inquiry
Noise oscillating measurement
Low Frequency Noise investigation
Ecosystem investigation
On-site test and investigation
Crack investigation
Corrossion investigation of reinforcement
Miscellaneous degradation investigation
Vibration test
Indoor test and analysis
Soil test
Steel Performance test
Analysis of chloride ion
X-ray Analysis
Social research
Traffic volume investigation
Design of slope and retaining wall
Reparation design
Model experiment
Environmental assessment
Landscape design (Landscape CG)
Natural river preservation planning
Municipal transporation Access Information System
Noise oscillating measurement Ecosystem investigation
Steel Performance test Compression test
Natural river preservation planning
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